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And don’t forget WordPress! (Never)


Instagram is popular. Very. And the Thanksgiving holiday brought out the spirit of sharing. Over 10 million photos were shared. The turkey was a very popular fellow + so were the photos.

Remember when display ads roamed the earth. .
 A display ad dinosaur just sits there and says the one thing you want your company to say. It doesn’t talk back and it’s not social. It’s pretty boring. Whether you like it or not: Social Media is the direction of advertising. Social Media gives new reason for your audience to like your brand and want to be associated with your brand. The audience sees something they like and they respond. The Community Manager speaks back. Everyone loves to be noticed and have their opinions recognized. And Social Media can get you identified with a brand. The more the audience comes back the more opportunities you have to create a relationship. And good relationships  are so valuable to a company.

I’m still amazed.
Instagram (iPhone photo fun sharing site) has been snatched up by Facebook for a billion dollars. A billion dollars! And they only have nine plus employees. A little tiny company.  I like Instagram BUT How could an app be worth a billion dollars? And . . Why can’t I win the lottery?

Photos are very big on Social Media.
It is no wonder that sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram are so popular. A picture says a thousand words. Confucius was right. What could be a better marketing ploy than posting photos and then having your community add a caption? That is engagement of the highly desirable kind.

Tell me a story in 140 characters or less.
That can be a monumental task and it can also be fun. How about a link to photos or music or an article. 140 characters can be pretty entertaining. Your blog has to create your brand story. Make it interesting, make it compelling. Make people want to come back again and again to see how it all turns out. Relate to your audience. It may take time to find that spot that everyone loves but that is part of the adventure.