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And don’t forget WordPress! (Never)


I’m still amazed.
Instagram (iPhone photo fun sharing site) has been snatched up by Facebook for a billion dollars. A billion dollars! And they only have nine plus employees. A little tiny company.  I like Instagram BUT How could an app be worth a billion dollars? And . . Why can’t I win the lottery?

Everyone wants more business. Facebook is a great place to stop and do business but how can you capture more?  Well you can start by 1. Bragging about your brand. If you don’t- who will? 2. Have contests + giveaways. Keep customers wanting to come to your site. 3. Content. Keep it fresh and interesting. Look for a wide audience. 4. Offer sales right on Facebook. The customers are there and some might be ready to buy. Make it easy. 5. A picture says a 1000 words. Have lots of photos to share.

Facebook overhauls the “Like” button

Facebook has revamped its “Like” button for third-party websites. Clicking the button now publishes a full news-feed story, rather than a “recent activity” update. The functionality duplicates that of the “Share” button, which Facebook may now phase out, writes Josh Constine. “The change gives more prominence to outbound links in the news feed and on a user’s wall, and so will increase referral traffic and draw more sites to add the Like button”