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Jill Love is listed as on of The Top 25 Online Cruise Vacation Influencers (in the world)
A Klout influencer! (With a high degree of influence in varied topics)

Get in the conversation.
Enhance your marketing efforts with Social Media.

Get your message out loud and clear.
When’s the last time you said Hi! to your clients.
Come on. . . it’s a lot of fun!

What I Recommend:

2 hours of Social Media Marketing
5 days a week

The cost: $45 per hour
10 hrs. per week
I am fully committed to your Social Media Campaign.
To be successful- A commitment from you is essential. A 3 month minimum commitment.

What you will get:

✶ A voice on Social Media channels

✶ Imaginative sparkling copy

✶ Creative branded content for Facebook, Twitter, blogs and websites

✶ Copywriting

✶ Utilize all the tools to create interesting content that gets a response

✶ Set up and maintain Twitter accounts

Additional services available:

✶ Employee training best practices for Twitter, Facebook and blogging

✶ Develop company Social Media policy

✶ Integrate online marketing with traditional marketing

✶ Branded Marketing Campaigns

✶ Freelance

Jill also offers one-on-one consultations and tutorials for individuals looking to build their online presence and brand.