Can men just be friends with women? Are thoughts of romance just lurking around the corner? (Men seem to assume that their female friends are obviously attracted to them) Of course there is always the arguments of  what constitutes: ‘Just friends’ So complicated!!! And so concludes our Friday Diversion.


With no further adieu: the first ever male spokesperson of Chanel’s iconic No.5 perfume:

But everyone doesn’t have to know it.
You can still have a BIG presence in Social Media and that is Thanks to technology. Get involved in online chats (maybe only an hour a week) that pertain to your product. Be active in discussions. If you have relevant and interesting information, you will become known and sought out in your business. And a few extra customers wouldn’t hurt!

What do you think of Pinterest?
Have you gotten bored with boards? (I was never much into scrapbooking) Social Media is time consuming and if you are going to put the time and  effort into making your community successful- it should be where you get the most engagement.

Everyone needs a diversion.
 You can’t focus all day. Can you? My diversion: (Hi Honey!) M & M colored honey in France. Something to ponder! (Insert it in your conversation)

Though I swear I have seen my cat laugh at me. Many times: ‘Laughter is one of the very privileges of reason, being confined to the human species’ ~ Thomas Carlyle

How good do you feel after you’ve had a good laugh? (Very. ) I agree. Very. And  humor and social media go hand in hand. Make your posts light and fun. (even silly) Laughter is another form of engagement. Go ahead have a really good belly laugh. It’s very social and engaging.

Is your Social Media campaign falling to pieces?
The best bet is to use the program that best suits your business. And do it right. Put the time and energy into your Social Media. Don’t spread yourself out so thin you can’t be effective in managing your message.

So you thought Pinterest was just for creating pretty bulletin boards. Wanted!  Think about creative uses for Pinterest for your company. (And I’m not suggesting mug shots of the employees)

Some fads come and go. Remember the hula hoop?  But some things start as fads and become the norm. And that’s what has happened with Social Media. Social Media. Will it last?  That’s what they said. Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? (blogging) But let’s face it- Social Media is here to stay (along with rock n’ roll)

What is better than incorporating the old and the new with a pop of whimsy. What is old is new again. St Tropez and bongos live on.