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twitter_blastDid you know that 80% of frequent flyer members never earn enough miles to redeem a flight? You book travel, you get points. But do the airlines interact with you? Social Media has been very influential in most aspects of the travel industry and the airlines need to reward its most vocal advocates. Who doesn’t want someone spreading good thoughts + positive messages?



The most popular, the most well known. The most valuable brand in the whole world.  Everyone would love to be on the Top Ten (even top 1000) of that list.  Can you imagine being more popular than Coca-Cola?  Oh, excuse me while I answer my iPhone.


Social Media can make companies much more likeable. And being likeable is a good thing. But in your enthusiasm to be liked (yes they will like you- in time) remember not to do these 4 things. (Please) Remember Gremlins?

This is the Age of Enlightenment. Relationships matter. The social connections and conversations. Personal relationships. Sharing information. So when you set out on your social media plan do not look upon it as how many followers you can get. Look to develop followers that are interested in your journey. It will make the social that much more enlightening.

Though I swear I have seen my cat laugh at me. Many times: ‘Laughter is one of the very privileges of reason, being confined to the human species’ ~ Thomas Carlyle

How good do you feel after you’ve had a good laugh? (Very. ) I agree. Very. And  humor and social media go hand in hand. Make your posts light and fun. (even silly) Laughter is another form of engagement. Go ahead have a really good belly laugh. It’s very social and engaging.

Think outside. The box. Be creative. (It’s an exercise in letting your imagination run wild!) Try to look at something in a new and different light. Add your own twist. Try not to follow what everyone else is doing. Because everyone else is already doing it. And if everyone else is doing it then it is not different. Be visual. In this age of Social Media where everything moves so quickly you don’t have too much time to capture attention. Capture their imagination with an image. It will stick in their mind long after the all the talk. (Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah!)

Almost half of all Americans are not taking all their vacation time. . A bad trend.
A break from work is such a good thing. You come back vacation refreshed and ready to go forward with all your Social Media strategies. One thing that most vacationers want: High speed internet complimentary. You can’t stay away from Social Media. Can you?

If you think Social Media can’t guarantee more customer satisfaction then you are wrong.
Your Social Media Community Manager (in this case: Alexander) has a very important role in making your company a success. Luxury means service. Immediate service. Social Media can make it possible to not only exceed your clients expectations but surpass them. (@nameof your company On my way! Can’t wait for a cold drink by the pool   You can answer back @JamesBond Something chilled is waiting for you. Shaken not stirred) Now if only all your clients used the power of social media. You could become a mind reader.

Perpetual Ocean [hd video] a video by NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Flickr.

Somethings are perpetual: The Ocean and
it being Friday (luckily it happens once a week) + TGIF.
Relax. Strategize and be Social.