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In a recent poll:

Does  your company have a position solely dedicated to social media management?

58% responded No
While 42% responded Yes

But I wonder too–with jobs growing more intertwined and employees required to do more for less- will constant updating of Social Media become a shared job requirement.  Personally I think that not everyone is qualified to be writing creative copy and represent a company in words. I also think that the temptation to be online chatting will overtake many other employee responsibilities. And the conversation could easily get very muddled.

I say Think about it when hiring employees. Think about goals and creative expression of your company. Think about branding and your message.You might be getting more for less but is it the more that you really want.



The most popular, the most well known. The most valuable brand in the whole world.  Everyone would love to be on the Top Ten (even top 1000) of that list.  Can you imagine being more popular than Coca-Cola?  Oh, excuse me while I answer my iPhone.



And don’t forget WordPress! (Never)

Instagram is popular. Very. And the Thanksgiving holiday brought out the spirit of sharing. Over 10 million photos were shared. The turkey was a very popular fellow + so were the photos.

Do you want customers to get a real good feeling of your company? Start a blog. A blog is a much more personal way for people to get to know you and engage with you. You can learn so much from your readers when you communicate with them. It can set the direction for your company and be that little extra push you need to become highly successful! You don’t think you can write? Just be yourself!

Remember that moment in Star Wars when you found out who Luke Skywalker’s father was. Now that has been totally shattered.  By Disney. Think of the marketing opportunities. . . ‘Disney is getting so much more than meets the eye’

Can men just be friends with women? Are thoughts of romance just lurking around the corner? (Men seem to assume that their female friends are obviously attracted to them) Of course there is always the arguments of  what constitutes: ‘Just friends’ So complicated!!! And so concludes our Friday Diversion.

But everyone doesn’t have to know it.
You can still have a BIG presence in Social Media and that is Thanks to technology. Get involved in online chats (maybe only an hour a week) that pertain to your product. Be active in discussions. If you have relevant and interesting information, you will become known and sought out in your business. And a few extra customers wouldn’t hurt!

What do you think of Pinterest?
Have you gotten bored with boards? (I was never much into scrapbooking) Social Media is time consuming and if you are going to put the time and  effort into making your community successful- it should be where you get the most engagement.