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In a recent poll:

Does  your company have a position solely dedicated to social media management?

58% responded No
While 42% responded Yes

But I wonder too–with jobs growing more intertwined and employees required to do more for less- will constant updating of Social Media become a shared job requirement.  Personally I think that not everyone is qualified to be writing creative copy and represent a company in words. I also think that the temptation to be online chatting will overtake many other employee responsibilities. And the conversation could easily get very muddled.

I say Think about it when hiring employees. Think about goals and creative expression of your company. Think about branding and your message.You might be getting more for less but is it the more that you really want.


Do you want customers to get a real good feeling of your company? Start a blog. A blog is a much more personal way for people to get to know you and engage with you. You can learn so much from your readers when you communicate with them. It can set the direction for your company and be that little extra push you need to become highly successful! You don’t think you can write? Just be yourself!

Remember that moment in Star Wars when you found out who Luke Skywalker’s father was. Now that has been totally shattered.  By Disney. Think of the marketing opportunities. . . ‘Disney is getting so much more than meets the eye’

With no further adieu: the first ever male spokesperson of Chanel’s iconic No.5 perfume:

Unless your living in a galaxy far far away most businesses have heard of Twitter
whether they are using it and using it properly is another story. Twitter is an exchange of information. A fun way to talk to people interested in your products and your story. But you can’t expect results if your community is not part of the Twitter community. One tweet a day is not going to get any movement on an account. You have to put the work in. And that is time. Over time you can build a loyal community that enjoys your exchanges (and you in turn enjoy theirs) and is interested in what you have to say and your product.

 Symbols that spur the imagination with memories and dreams. The Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building to name a few and The Louvre. Designer Ferragamo is the first to tap the potential of the Louvre with a resort show in conjunction with their sponsorship of the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition. Aligning your product with an iconic brand gives you a certain cache. The genius of Leonardo paired with Ferragamo legendary fashion. Images that can stay in the consumers mind.  And then I start wondering how would Mona Lisa look in Ferragamo?

Blogs are a great way to be more informal with your customers. Blog posts should be short and sweet. A social media central where all your efforts grow from and intersect. Make them light, fun and informative. Be accessible to respond to comments.

I don’t know about you but I never click on ads.
If I’m reading an article online I stay as far away as possible from those very annoying ads. Don’t you hate when they pop up, start playing videos and trying to sell you! I love Social Media but have never enjoyed paid ads. I feel the whole point of Facebook and SM is interacting your brand with your customers and potential customers. Obviously you want them to use your services but you are selling in a more creative and personal way. So come on Facebook- get creative. The reason people aren’t clicking on the ads in the sidebar is because people don’t click on ads on sidebars. Simple.

You’re in a social media crisis and you don’t know what to do.
This has never happened before. Don’t panic. The most important thing you can initially do is acknowledge the situation. If you don’t acknowledge the situation then it can spiral out of control very quickly. It is very important to have someone in control and somewhere that the team can respond- A direct contact? Social media is live (like the early days of TV) and anything can happen. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Ooh La La. Rue La La is partnering with Magellan Jets to offer consumers the opportunity (what are you waiting for!) to purchase 24 hrs of private jet service.
I think I’ll speak to my husband right now. This is just what I want for my birthday. Well I would enjoy it.

Even a jet can be affordable. It’s just knowing what you can afford. But without Social Media I might never have given the idea of a private jet any real thought. Now I did.  I thought about it and I would love to jet-set off to Paris this evening. I could be there in time for a warm baguette  for breakfast in a cafe in the morning. Bonjour!

But there is an audience that can well afford this- that they will reach via social media and enlighten.