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And don’t forget WordPress! (Never)


I don’t know about you but I never click on ads.
If I’m reading an article online I stay as far away as possible from those very annoying ads. Don’t you hate when they pop up, start playing videos and trying to sell you! I love Social Media but have never enjoyed paid ads. I feel the whole point of Facebook and SM is interacting your brand with your customers and potential customers. Obviously you want them to use your services but you are selling in a more creative and personal way. So come on Facebook- get creative. The reason people aren’t clicking on the ads in the sidebar is because people don’t click on ads on sidebars. Simple.

You’re in a social media crisis and you don’t know what to do.
This has never happened before. Don’t panic. The most important thing you can initially do is acknowledge the situation. If you don’t acknowledge the situation then it can spiral out of control very quickly. It is very important to have someone in control and somewhere that the team can respond- A direct contact? Social media is live (like the early days of TV) and anything can happen. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Fads come and go. And things that were popular (pet rocks, hula hoops, rock n’roll) Hey wait a minute rock n’ roll is here to stay.
  Talk about a revolution. Facebook started a Social media revolution. A new way to market. A new way to connect. It will be interesting to see if Zuckerberg has anything else in him. A new direction for social media. But one of these days something new and exciting will come along. And it will start the next fad. It always does. I can’t wait to see what it is.

Remember when display ads roamed the earth. .
 A display ad dinosaur just sits there and says the one thing you want your company to say. It doesn’t talk back and it’s not social. It’s pretty boring. Whether you like it or not: Social Media is the direction of advertising. Social Media gives new reason for your audience to like your brand and want to be associated with your brand. The audience sees something they like and they respond. The Community Manager speaks back. Everyone loves to be noticed and have their opinions recognized. And Social Media can get you identified with a brand. The more the audience comes back the more opportunities you have to create a relationship. And good relationships  are so valuable to a company.

Get creative + create fun for your company. 

Meet Erika + Eliot postcard apps from Swarovski. Travel the world with Erika + Eliot + send postcards to your friends (+ of course E + E will be dressed in Swarovski jewelry + accessories from different locales)
What a fun app idea! Here’s a Link to their Facebook page: Erika + Eliot (of course I was having a few technical difficulties Erika + Eliot- Thanks a lot! I guess I’ll try again later. But I still like the concept)

Think of Social Media as one giant word of mouth campaign.
And word of mouth is one of the best ways to get the word out on your company. Social Media just speeds up the process. A lot. Will your customers tell a friend? (Please, please!) And remember always treat your customers and brand well. . . Bad news can travel faster than the speed of sound. Faster than Superman!

There are ways to measure your marketing efforts. 
  And there are ways that can really help you monitor traffic. Follow your growth (you need to be growing) See who your audience is and figure out new ways to capture more interest. See which Social Media channels work best for your company. Remember Twitter doesn’t work well for all businesses. You might do better with a blog on your website. You have achieved two goals: you have consumers going to your site and you have them reading more engaging pieces on your blog. Tie it in with Facebook for one on one engagement. Social Media is a powerful tool- just experiment for the right fit for you! Your Goal: Strategize.

Do you ever wonder if your clients actually read your e-mails?
There is a possibility they don’t. I mean everyone gets so many emails in their mailbox it’s hard to keep up with everything. So don’t be offended but get on the offensive by making your emails more interesting and hard to resist. How about adding a short clip about your business. Something that is fun and informative and not overly long. Sometimes it’s hard to put a concept into words but a movie will make it come alive. And get your subscribers to give you some thought and buy your product.

You have great products.
 Your services are the best. You spent tons of money developing  your company but you forgot one thing: To tell people about it. Get to know your customers. Have a conversation and introduce yourself. Contests and  giveaways all get the excitement rolling. And with Social Media comes that extra marketing boost: (and the most wonderful)- ‘word of mouth’ marketing- something money can’t buy!