Hiring the right Social Media Community Manager to handle your business is one of the most important Social Media decisions you will make.
Hiring someone that understands your business is essential. Someone that is interested in learning all about your business is essential. I find that advertising agencies that are handling hundreds of accounts and have one person alone handle up to thirty can not give you the time and creativity you deserve. They just don’t have the time. Social Media is not just about programming Tweets or posts- it is all about the conversations. The presentation of your brand and interesting pieces to make everyone part of your community. So before you employ the big glitzy prestigious (+ expensive) advertising agency meet the person that will be entrusted with your account. Speak to them. Find out their background and what they will bring to your product. If you don’t feel that is the proper route to go- hire an in-house manager that will be representing and handling your account. An on-site specialist there to make you shine!