I am confused. The idea of Social Media is to be social.
To be an authentic voice for yourself and if you manage Social Media for a living: your company. I don’t think I would like to get programmed tweets or Facebook updates written by a someone that doesn’t know me. BUT if you can’t keep up with all the social networks you are on. . then limit them. Social Media shouldn’t take up every minute of your day. Should it?
I wonder if people are busy in labs developing a pill for Social Media Stress Syndrome? Diagnosed but treatable illness (whew!) of the 21st century. ‘Doctor’s orders. . limit your Facebook posts to 1 a day. Stop trembling. You will be all right. And Twitter, two a day at most. And those instagram photos, again one a day. Don’t worry, your friends won’t miss the hundred or so you are now posting. Trust me in time the obsession should subside.’