It’s almost Mother’s Day and the gift ideas keep coming.
The number one Mother’s Day gift is Flowers, followed by jewelry in a tie with clothing. Social Media campaigns are growing more creative and more sophisticated. Now there are so many ways to layer your promotions. Greet your Fans on Facebook. Let them enter a contest (you might win) and then bring them over to Pinterest for some very visual gift suggestions. Make sure your Fans can shop at your online store. Send out a few emails and of course there is the mobile app. You can’t forget Mother’s Day. There truly is no excuse. All your favorite hangouts (Twitter, Facebook, online, Twitter, your smartphone) are constantly reminding you. Think of all the things your mom has done for you + how guilty (a mom specialty) you would feel if you somehow overlooked this very special day. Moms are better than apple pie and love you- no matter what. So show Mom the love on Mother’s Day.

She deserves it. (I love you Mom)