Your company is having trouble with its message.
No matter what you do (recommendations from past consultants) nothing seems to work. The new consultant blames the old consultant who blamed the previous consultant. They all promise you quick results (Top ranking in Search Engines, 1000’s of relevant Facebook Fans, Klout on Twitter, press releases, videos going viral). It is most important that a consultant understand your business and your goals. Sometimes your goals are not obtainable and a consultant should be honest and steer you in a direction where you can obtain your immediate goals and work towards a bigger picture. In Social Media you need time. And many times a business doesn’t want to invest time. Just quick money and then get the same old results. A consultant shouldn’t just tell you what you want to hear. Be open because heading in the same direction has not been garnering results. You must stay focused on your brand and your message. Give it time to find the right story  and grow an audience. The right consultant can do that for you. Furthermore I think the right consultant can act as a community manager for your business. Not afraid to blog and engage with your community. Orchestrate. Get it going.