Let me count the ways. .
Valentine’s Day is a one of the most important celebrations of the year. Who doesn’t love or want romance? But how do you capitalize on this holiday without being too (dare we say) transparent? By giving a little something extra.

Case in point: A luxury hotel in New York: Waldorf Astoria’s Trianon Palace Versailles (even the name conjures up decadent  Louis + Marie Antoinette moments). A romantic getaway for Valentine’s day is pretty romantic but how about indulging the senses and making the celebration a notch more special.  Who wouldn’t enjoy the pampering of an in-suite cocktail hour with appetizers with the Chef preparing all the goodies just for you! Romantic music, freshly cut flowers. A Grand Dinner, a massage and you’re melting into each other’s arms. I detect that this indulgence will work. I’m sure the lucky participants in this 24-hour Romantic Getaway will be telling all the delightful details to their friends who will be then booking a year in advance! Excuse me while we get our massage.