It’s almost summer in Florida but it was still a nice evening to dine outside. There were just a few annoying flies to swat. “Why do they always come to every party?” You can’t blame them. Dinner was delicious. “Happy Mother’s Day” And yes, let’s not forget Robbie. It’s his birthday but he’s exhausted and decided to give himself the gift of lazy. He would spend his birthday doing what he wanted, which on this day was nothing. “Well it is his birthday” He said we’ll celebrate next month. I’m one for stretching out celebrations. “That’s a great idea. I mean, like I said before -it’s his birthday. Do I have to get him another present?” We’ll get him a birthday cake. Speaking of cake. . .
“What is dinner without dessert?” Dessert is always the best part of any meal. You eat the healthy stuff first to prove you have earned it. We ate all too quickly and pausing briefly the highlight of the evening was next. I decided to temper the sweet with fruit, to take away any possible guilt we could feel. We had gone to the gym in the morning and had been good all day.
I went into the house and artistically arranged the desserts and then placed them all on a serving plate. I was determined to make only one trip outdoors with everything. I would not have believed that I could do it. But determination (coupled with luck), I miraculously carried all the desserts, plates piled up on top of one another without dropping anything. I probably knew it wouldn’t be good if I did. “She’s been watching too many cooking shows. Have you really learned a lot?” A few things. I’m really into lemon zest now. I love zesting.  Bob was quick to add: “Jill really loves to zest” I zested the salad. And I’ve picked up a few hints here and there. The dessert was gone even quicker than the dinner. I thought maybe everyone would savor each bite but that didn’t happen. A soft breeze came up and everyone was very relaxed after a satisfying meal and lively conversation. The flies on the other hand left unsatisfied. I think I heard one say as he flew away: “They didn’t even leave a crumb” But he also added “Happy Mother’s Day!” And yes we must agree: It was a Happy Mother’s Day!