Bob hates birthdays. I love them. He hates to be reminded. Bob, it’s almost your birthday. “Don’t remind me” He always says that. Bob remember Dr Seuss said “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” No, I don’t.  He was acting like the Grinch that Stole Christmas only this time it was the Grinch that Stole Birthdays. This would have to be remedied.

Bob is a great guy. He never says No to me or to anyone for that matter. I personally don’t know how he fits everything in but somehow he does. He never forgets anything either, though he always seems distracted and is forever tapping his fingers and feet. He never sits still. And Bob’s always on time. You can set a clock by him. I think he even has an auto set mechanism for daylight savings time. He doesn’t require much sleep and he’s pretty low maintenance, most of the time.

And he’s creative and talented. He doesn’t even realize how talented he is-  which is so charming. Bob is also an encyclopedia of knowledge. He calls it ‘useless information’ But I am amazed by the way he dredges up facts. He may not seem like he’s paying attention because he is always moving and tapping but he is absorbing. I have often wondered what goes on in his cluttered brain. It looks like it’s always zipping though he can fall asleep in 10 seconds just like a cat. You know how cat’s eyes are partially open like they are pretending they are awake but they are napping. That is what Bob can do. I think it is a gift.

And thinking of gifts and birthdays: “What kind of cake should we get?” My mother loves birthday cakes and doesn’t think it is right that we are both not eating cake. “But it’s his birthday” Mother, you know we are on a cake sabbatical since after the Holidays. We have been very good. We could make a jello cake. That was not sitting well with my mother. She wanted a cake. ” And besides you know Bob hates birthdays. But imagine if we really forgot it. “I don’t think he’d like it” No, not at all. He may not like birthdays but he doesn’t want to be forgotten on his. Never! I have a little trick up my sleeve. “Oh. . ” Oh yeah, every night he goes online to the Apple Store and looks at computers. It’s his big giant hint, hint. I pretend I’m ignoring him but I’ve been saving up and he’s going to get his computer. He deserves it. “He’ll be so excited” Now remember he doesn’t like birthdays but. .  “he likes presents” And my mother was right. We were getting around this dislike of birthdays. I think he protests too much. Bob can be dramatic. By protesting we couldn’t ignore his birthday. “We would never forget. Bob is a wonderful son-in-law”

This was going to be a great birthday. And I guess we could get a cake. “What kind?” My mother was perking up. What kind do you want? “Well it’s Bob’s birthday. How about one with chocolate butter cream frosting?” That is your favorite but Bob will like it too. You know Bob, he’ll eat anything. Yep this is going to be a really great birthday. And Bob  this is truer than true- there is no one  sweller than you.