You’re sitting around- maybe drinking beer and shouting with your friends at the TV. But then you ask: “Just how social was the Super Bowl?” From a personal point of view it may have been magical. You, the brews and your buds but from a marketing stand- how did it rate?

Well this year companies got a lot more mileage out of their ads. Posting on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other popular sites. Fans retweeting and linking to their favorites.
Case in point: VW

Some key evolving social-media strategies:

•VW. What VW did with social media is being watched. Its best-liked ad — about a kid in a Darth Vader costume who thinks he “Force-fully” starts a Passat — was posted on social media five days before the game and had 13 million views by kickoff.

VW marketing chief Tim Ellis decided early on to go wide on social media before the game. “I continued to hear that was the wrong way to go. But if you want to be part of the national discussion, you not only have to be on the Super Bowl, but you have to fully leverage social media.”

VW closely monitored consumer response to its spot, which it posted on its blog, itsYouTube channel and its Facebook page. It kept sending out messages on Facebook and Twitter. The ad got 40,000 views in its first few hours. Within 24 hours, it had 900,000. The 13 million by game time Sunday was 16 million 24 hours later.