The whole purpose of social media is to share and inform. Who knew there were so many like minded vacationers out there? The secret is out.

Furry Animals and vacations. Why should they stay at home?

Apparently, it’s not hard to come by adults who travel with furry companions. In August, Travelodge reportedthat roughly 25% of male business travelers bring their stuffed animals with them when they travel. Then in November, HuffPost Travel brought you Furry Toys Tours, a Paris-based company who, yes, show people’s stuffed animals the town.

While we’re not ones to judge, we stumbled upon hysterically endearing photos of a stuffed lemur being trotted across the globe. From London to the White House, this lemur seems to have been taken everywhere. This got us thinking: there must be people who take photos with their stuffed animals…on vacation…in public.

Check out the lemur’s adventures below. And don’t be shy: If you photograph your stuffed animal at monuments or parks or anywhere, really, around the world, send in your photos. We’d love to see them!

Travel with your stuffed animal? Send us your photos!

Mr Snuffles in Carmel, CA appearing on the Huffington Post now!

Jill Love Wlos:
Between the wine tastings and surfing- Mr Snuffles had a great vacation on the California Coast (he loves a good pinot noir)